Fishing report in Quanicassee river

Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by mich dave, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. mich dave

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    my boy and i went fishin on the river cuz the bouys arnt out yet and they may not be because the water is real shallow. so we stay in the river and had a lot of fun. we cought a doven fish in three hours.biggest being 9lb 11oz
    and a lot in the sevens. one had a battle scar maby from an eagle or hawk.
    we cought about 4 eating size so we threw them all back.we cought them on cut bluegill. had lots of fun and they fought real well.
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    Dallas, GA
    Dave, glad you had such a great trip! Finally warmed up for you :big_smile: