Fishing Report - Grand Lake

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    Owasso, Oklahoma
    Well, I finally got my boat to the lake, bought a hydra hoist and rented a slip at Tara Maranda. I have never fished that far up the lake. I thought what the heck, as Many Blues as I have caught down toward the dam, I will just pull out of Tara Maranda and start Droping Jugs, Droped 8. We did not get to the Lake until 9, and had every thing picked up at 3:30. We headed on up toward Sail Boat Bridge, and Put an additional 18 Jugs out. All baited with Hot Dogs.......
    We threw 9 small ones back, that if you were hungry you could have kept, and had 8 from 3-8 pounds. None of the fish were that deep, caught them on either the top hook, or middle. Only saw about 5 -6 boats, and 2 of those were B I G Boats.....:big_smile: