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Fishing report for the last couple weeks

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Ft Loudon caught small catfish, fun non the less but not what im looking for.

Watts Bar three fish 30lbs plus
Watts again 10 keeper size fish in the boat

Ft Loudon again went crappie fishing? 23 feet of water all keepers short of limiting out though.

All in all fished seven days and caught fish on all seven no monsters as of yet but should only get better.

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Thanks for the report, Casey, you're doing lots better than many folks on those waters.
What part of Watts Bar have you been fishing, lower, middle, or upper? Are you still fishing during the weekdays? In a few weeks I won't be tied down and might be able get out there with you. In haven't been fishing in over 2 weeks myself. Also good to hear you got into some crappie.
Well, if you were fishing north of Kingston you were probably on the Clinch River or Emory River. That's my favorite part of the lake plus it's the closest.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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