Fishing Report for Lake Moultrie

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    Charleston, S.C.

    Just wanted to give you a fishing report. Went Thursday Morning, Didn't have much luck, I was fishing mostly shallow with Sonny's, & Butterflied Harring.

    The Fisherman catching the fish were in DEEP Water. From 35 Feet to 55 Feet. I couldnt get out there due to wind and I fish out of a Jon Boat.. Kinda Scary..

    Anyway, they were Drift Fishing East to West across Channel Markers 7-10. Lots of Humps and ridges. They were using float rigs, using whole Fresh Hearing, treading/weaving the hook through the fish fixing the hook in the tail, letting out a minimum of 150 Yards of Line. When they were "Still" fishing, they were cutting up the Hearing into bite size chunks, and best luck was with the head. They fish were biting All Day in the Deep Water.. A guide told me it was even better at night..