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    Fished Jordan this past weekend despite all the bad weather warnings. Turned out the weather was the key to success, as soon as the sun came out from the clouds the fish turned off. We caught a total of 11 cats the biggest being a 3-4lb. channel with the most being the small white cats....We used vacume sealed gizzard shad we caught early spring. All the fish were caught drifting in about 18' of water on either side of the haw river channel up by the dam on a three way rig..

    I fish Jordan at least once every couple of weeks including fishing it during our most recent drought. I usually launch from Poes landing by the dam. During one of our fishing trips we noticed an island that we never noticed before. Since the water was down it was easily observed and avoided while boating.

    Now that the water has risen the island is no longer visible. We tried to find it this past weekend and too our shock we noticed skiers and boaters were zooming all over the top of the island. The marker buoy is gone and it presents a real safety hazard. We slowly motored over to the area and found it. My depth finder read 2.5'. I contacted the army corp of engineers for them to go back out and install a buoy but meanwhile I'm trying to notify anyone I know who may fish that area. Once you leave the launch headed toward the dam you will see two islands on the left. The island is directly across from the first island..and it is right in the middle of the finger of the lake if you stay on either side of the finger you should be o.k.
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    Thanks for the warning

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    Congrats on the catches brother.

    I am sure that warning will help a few brothers out, thanks for the info.