Fishing report 11-7

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Madtom, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Madtom

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    We started off at 0700 looking for bait. We managed 5 cutters in 2 hours. The hardest I seen bait in a while. We went fishing cutting each shad in 8 peices. We lost the first 2 big fish (we we ancored a little close to a tree) after that GAME ON. We landed a 38 42 and 48 lber with 3 in the 20s and many smaller fish. We also caught a 26 and 24 inch rockfish loosing a 3rd at the boat. ( next time I'll use the net) Over all a great day on the water with around 20 fish boated. Pics to follow.
  2. ramon06

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    Congrats on the Good day Wayne, wish I had your luck lol. I entered the Catfish tournament at Osbourne this a.m. we couldnt even get the 4 fish limit lol. I missed my first fish on shad, then I got a 6LB Flat on a Bluegill then a 22LB Flat on a 6" Largemouth bass. My buddy got a 2 LB Blue on cut eel, that was it for us :smile2: after the tournament we caught about 5 small blue between 2-8LBs all on eel. Sorry to Jack your post tight lines.

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    Put in at DB took a friend of my dad's fished from 10am to 3pm ended up with a 35lb flattie and 8 in the teens.

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