fishing report 11-07 - 11-09

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    Capt Hugh and I had 5 gentlemen this weekend fish two days for cats, and today went out after crappies and stripers. 5 longtime friends from New Jersey and 1 from South Carolina. Needless to say it was one of the most enjoyable and absolutely hysterical trips I have ever been apart of!! Herb,the smallest,and I believe oldest of the group(73) ended up catching the largest cat, a 57#er Sun eve. If we could have had it on tape we would have had a shot of winning America's Funniest Home Video!! The fish pulled him around the back of the boat from side to side 3 times, while his buddies and I pulled a chinese fire drill with the 5 other rods up and over, underneath, and back again.:smile2: Also had a 34, 35, and several smaller cats. Today they took home a bucket of crappie, (up to 1 1/2#s, 2 keeper stripers,(caught a boat load of juveniles under 18") and an eater flathead. Thanks to Terry, Herb, Fred, Tony,and Blace for a trip not soon forgotten! Here's a couple pics of Herbs 57

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    Thanks for the story and pics,, Good stuff to take everybody fishin,, Sounded like a real fine time...and,, funny too :big_smile::smile2:

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    Nice fish. Sounds like a good day.
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    Good fishin Bro