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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Scott Daw, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    hows it going everyone? I was wondering what the appeal or benefits are with the baitcast reels? I can never get the thumb control right and always created a birdnest that bigbird could get lost in. I use only spinning reels.
  2. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    me too, faced spinners for me, and an ocassional RSC5

  3. RiverKing

    RiverKing Active Member

    Yellow Spr
    You have to thumb it, use your thumb very lightley to slow it down, that will prevent all them birds nest
  4. SubnetZero

    SubnetZero New Member

    Sherman IL
    I just switched to Baitcasters this year.. Im liking them quite a bit. I still need more time with em, as I still cant cast as far as I can with my spincast..
    I fish loose line with my spincast (keep button pushed) and watch the line to start running out.. With a baitcast, I now have a clicker :big_smile:
    With a baitcast, I can now put more and bigger line on the spool.
    The baitcast has alot more pulling power and better drag than my spincasting reels...
    I was never a big open faced fan, so not sure of the differences for you.
    As far as birdnesting, Its all about adjusting the brake for the weight your using. I still have mine a tad tight (thus the shorter casts) as I'm still training my thumb on it...
  5. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I use both but I'm not very good with the baitcasters. I can't cast a light weight without a backlash that looks like Don Kings hair-do. I use my ABU 6500 for 1 ounce or more and open face spinners for everything else. For big cats I use salt water spinners as they are a bit stronger.