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    what are some of the best stories you and your fishing partners have had on catfishing trips ?
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    I'm not a drinker and everyone who knows me knows this, but a bunch of us used to have a two day tournament on the river for bragging rights and a traveling trophy. We'd fish Friday and Saturday and have a big family fish fry on Sunday with games and prizes for the kids. Anywhoo, one year my regular partner and I took on a new guy and he decided I needed to have my coffee "laced" to get my motor started for the day. To make a long story short, we put in at 5:30 AM and I didn't even know we were on the river till about 2:00 that afternoon. Needless to say we weren't even in the running that year and I didn't smell a cork for the rest of the weekend. Stay safe and stick a pig!!!:wink:

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    Well one story I recall was when me and my brother and a couple friends went camping off the Jourdan River in Mississippi..I had a pirogue that I brought and my buddy brought his canoe..Well if you know anything about pirogue there not exactly the most stable boat so my brother was braggin and carrying on about how he didn't have to get in my pirogue to fish that he'd fish in our buddies canoe instead..We were getting ready to head out to go do some fishing and my brother hops in the canoe and stands up on it yelling and screaming and telling me look how stable this boat is rocking it back and forth and jumping around in it like an idiot..Then all of a sudden !!splash!! capsized the canoe and fell in the water..Every one was cracking up and rolling on the ground laughing..He never heard the end of it..We still rag on him bout that to this day...:smile2:
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    My most memorial trip was when my buddy MELLON And I went to great feats to reach a river bank spot we wanted to fish.

    Each of us was loaded down with about 50-lbs of tackle which included for each of us.

    2-rod holders

    tackle bag
    5 gallon bucket with live bait

    and on top of that we had to carry a large cooler full of ice food and drinks, it was hot and we were gonna fish for 24 hrs.

    We had to walk and carry all of this stuff appx 2 miles through woods to reach the river.

    Upon ariving at the rivers edge we could see that the best spot to set up was downstream and on the other side:angry:

    So we had to wade across the river which was appx 200 yds wide, some spots were shallow, some were up to our waste, still carry all our supplies.

    Upon ariving at the other side we both colapsed on the bank, totally worn out, it was 95 degrees out..

    We dreaded all night the long walk out, it started to pour rain we had no shelter, the temps droped into the 50s we we soak and wet and only had on shorts and tee shirts.

    Plus we caught no fish.

    the next morning we were totally spent, and could not carry everything out, we had to leave the chairs, bait buckets, and cooler.

    The river had come up close to 2 feet and we were now wading in chest deep water to get out and to reach the other side.

    we almost did not make it back to my truck, and I did not think I was gonna be able to drive home I was so tired.

    A few days latter we decided never,ever would we go to such extremes to find a remote fishing location.