Fishing out by blue gill point

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by catfishinfordman, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Broken Arrow, O
    Any one ever go out fishing where 71st ends out in broken arrow.
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    I've been out there a couple of times but it's been a couple of years at least by shore. There some guys that will walk all the way to the spillway gates at the far end and fish below there. The couple times I was there there was two to four people fishing there and not enough room for another person to fish. You can also walk below the dam and fish below in some places but I never did. Now above the lock there usally quite a bit of debris from logs and other crap that doesn't get locked though the locks and accumlates there on the SE section above the lock. A boater is not allowed to take there boat in there but there nothing saying you can't throw a line in there. There's plenty of cover for a nice blue or flathead to rest during the day. On the opposite side of the river there's a small section that you can take you boat to that has a lot of debris and I've taken several nice size flatheads from that area. I believe there might be a few fish below the dam right now but without any real current flowing out I don't think they have really made the migration up to the dam yet. When we get some nice hard rain and good current for a few days I believe fishing below there will be woth your while.