Fishing on Tuckertown Dam

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    King, NC
    Anybody here go there? I've talked to a couple of people that have suggested to go there and catfish when the turbines are running. The only problem is the wifey shows up before I can finish talking to them. Is it possible, or legal, to shorefish on the tailrace side? If so, how do you get to it and how far do you have to stay back from the dam? I've google earth'd it and have seen, what appears to be, a state road near it. Any help would be appreciated!! I'm always looking for new places to take my son, as well as myself! Thanks, Hollis :big_smile:
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    Take hwy. 49 south from Asheboro. Go into Davidson county and continue south until you pass a Citgo and another store on the left. They will be at a 4 way with Badin Lake road. Continue until it widens to 4 lanes before the bridge , then make the first left onto Tuckertown road. Continue for about 2 miles and look for the blue sign and gravel lot on right.You can fish either on the shore , or on the dam via platform. The platform is low to the water , but a questionable guardrail is at the edge. At the far end you are next to the outlet from the turbines. The only drawback is you can't get to the high side or the spillway side without a boat. Last time I was there , they were running the turbines , but I got no bites. Good Luck!!

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    I fished from a boat on monday in the middle of the channel, in line with the marker bouys from 2-3:15pm. No bites. However, several boats came up during that time to catch baitfish, and they were throwing their cast nets near that righthand shoreline. So, you might have luck over there. There is a grassy park over there you could fish from. Like I said I only fished 75 minutes, before trying somewhere else. Honestly, I didn't catch much "somewhere else".