Fishing on the Wabash River

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by smoke, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. smoke

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    I was just woundering who all out here fish the wabash river and if you all have any luck? I fish it around the peru and wabash area and have some luck this year but the water is way down and there is not very many deep holes around this area so they are getting fished pretty heavy..I am looking for some new places to try out any input would be nice....keep your lines in the water
  2. Team StrayCats

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    Hi . I,m from INDY but in florida now but i have a many tournaments on the walbash river around terre haute area. That was my frist tournament win on that river.Theres some big flat heads in ther. Got a few 30 and 40 and 60 lb,ers. Just go into main part of town to the public ramp and put in. You,ll like it there. Hope this helps you.

  3. typer181

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    There is a put-in in Delphi, which is just south of Monticello. Right there the Tippi runs into the Wabash. The water level is low like you said, but there are some nice holes where those two rivers meet. Good luck!
  4. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    smoke, i dont think i have given you a welcome yet,so welcome aboard brother. i dont get on much, in the summer, for obviouse reasons.

    our rivers are low again this year for sure bud and i find the holes getting fished out or are just plain unproductive after a couple of fish. in my opinion i think they eat all the bait and are forced to move out and find food. we have been scoreing fair catches of flatheads by jumpin from spot to spot. a single small current break is enough to hold a large fish( or small lol ). just dont get hung up on one spot. time spent depends on how big the piece of cover your on. a big log jam will get our attention for 45in. a single rock mite just get 10min.

    catfishing is growing fast, so spead the word about the importance of catch n release, or our trophy fish will be no more!

    tight lines all,and again welcome to the b.o.c. kris
  5. whiteriverbigcats

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    I havent been able to bring a flathead in, in a few months on the White River.. Been trying just havent been producing but now that fall is here im looking forward to thing picking back up... But i would recomend the Terre Haute area too.... And i wish you the best of luck.. If your ever in Indy give me a yell we will hit the White River and hope we catch some hogs