Fishing on a winday

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    I have a little story of a night time fiishing trip I took a while back. Well, It was supposed to be a full moon that night and I had heard that cat fish like feeding during a full moon. So, not checking the weather, I packed all my gear on the back of my jeep and away I went. Now let me say, when I go fishing I like to be comfortable, so I took everything that I thought I could possibly need. The place where I fish is the California Aqueduct. It is a cement lined canal with a rock base road running down both sides of it and not a tree in sight, not your ideal place to fish. But, in California you can't be picky. Now there's about two hundred yards of land on both sides of the aqueduct that is fenced to keep people from driving inside. Well, at this spot where I fish, someone has cut the fence down and sometimes at night they will drive their cars inside to fish, but if you get caught it's a five hundred dollar fine, so I park on the outside. I have a folding shopping cart that I load all my stuff on and haul it that two hundred feet to fish. I will keep my five hundred dollars in my pocket, thank you. Well, I had two fishing pole's , two pole holder's, a hammer, bait ice chest, coleman aluminum folding cot, and a sleeping bag and pillow; my aluminum lawn chair, lantern, tacklebox, and a three by eight rug that I take to lay beside my cot to cover that road base so it is not so hard on my feet when I am fishing. Well, I got out there a little before six so I could get everything set up before dark. My lantern hangs on my cart to keep it up off the ground and give out a bit more light when baiting your hooks at night. Well, I had the poles baited, and in the water, and in the pole holders. My bed was made, my rug laid out, the lantern lit, and I was ready for the fish to start biting. At ten oclock I still had not had a bite and It had started getting a bit windy ,so I decided to lay down for a while. I slipped my shoes off and jumped in the sleeping bag and took myself a little nap. well about twelve oclock the wind woke me up, and when I raised up the wind caught my pillow and blew it across the road. I jumped up to get it and the wind took my sleeping bag and the cot across the road. I gathered everything up and secured it and jumped back in my sleepng bag. I had to pull the sleeping bag up over my head and hold it to keep that wind from blowing me and the bag away. I thought if I could just hold on it shouldn't last long . I was wrong, it just kept blowing. The only good thing was it was blowing away from the water instead of towards it or I would have lost everything. I was laying there trying to hold on and I heard a noise, so I poked my head out of my bag and saw my shoping cart headed down the road, my lantern and tackle box with it. Now it was about one oclock in the morning so I jumped out of my bag, slipped my shoes back on, and went after my fishing cart with all my stuff in it. When I turned around my bedding, cot, and rug was gone. I think it was just about that time I thought I had just about enough. I ran and got my Jeep and brought it inside the fence so I could load all my stuff and get out of there, five hundred dollars fine or not.
    I found every thing I could and just stuck it in the jeep so I could get out of there with my life. Now let me tell you, I have got bad lungs and with all the dust blowing, by the time I had every thing loaded I could hardly breathe, so now I am kind of afraid to go fishing at night by myself anymore. That was a night I will never forget and I never even got a bite.