Fishing Ohio 10/5/07 West Point

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    West Point, KY
    just had to share...2 good days of fishing. Went up to LG&E Thursday on the IN side, had 2 poles in the water and caught an 8 lb on one and a 2 lb on the other. 30 minutes later, same thing but this time, brought in a 9 lb and whatever was on the second pole broke my line, never to be seen again. Thursday night, went down the river where the dam used to be. Hooked into a 17 lb blue, took 30 minutes to bring into the boat. :big_smile: I could get him close to the surface and he would dive back down, trying to get under the boat. It took both myself and my boyfriend to get him into the boat. Attached are some pictures if anyone is interested. How much fun can one person have in one day!!!!!
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    RiverRat, where's the pics. Vern

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    I wanna see the pics also !!!:wink: