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    Got to thinking about all the new waters I've fished since getting involved in these catfishing forums. Before I ever signed on to one of the catfishing sites, I only ever fished the Upper Potomac and an occassional trip up to Raystown lake, a couple times on the susky, but that was years ago in my 20's.

    Now since I've gotten involved in these forums and made countless aqaintances and friends. I've been to the Lower potomac, Susquehanna, James River, Blue marsh lake in Pa., Choptank down in Maryland, and quite a few other places. Have gotten invitations to head west and fish the Mighty Ohio river and the big Muddy, Pickwick/Wilson and Tennessee River, which hopefully I'll be able to one day hit those waters if i can get off my butt and get out to some of these prime Catfishing waters.

    I guess to go a step further, I've found new things to try and add to my arsenal of fishing knowledge. Listened to how others do things differently and incorporate it in my fishing. Some have worked really good for me, other things might not have, but that is not to say it doesn't work. I think it might depend on the fishery. I've broadened my knowledge from these forums. What might work on one fishery might not always work on another, but learning to keep an open mind and adapt to new methods, choice of baits, rigs, tackle, and so on. It has helped me be a better Catfisherman.

    Still trying to work on these catfish tourney's. But I find the best thing to these tourney's to me is meeting everybody and just BSing with friends. Hooking up with a bunch of middle class, hillbilly's, rednecks, and just your average joe sure has an appeal to me, then being around a bunch of tight assed politically correct wannabe's. I could probably do better if I got serious, But I guess I'm afraid of giving up that pure fun of it if I really wanted to get in that true competitiveness. I think and have seen what being too competitive has done to people at times, not everyone, but some, just not the catfish tourney's. Sometimes the worst is brought out in a person when the money becomes more inportant then the sport it's self. I enjoy just getting out catfishing too much to let that happen to me. If I never win a tourney, it won't be because I didn't have fun just participating.

    Shoot, I've even began fishing for the flatheads on a limited scale. That in it's self has been fun. I've been able to broaden my fishing abilities and make, and I mean make countless friends along the way. Seems every place I go, I meet somebody new, find something new, see new things, try new things, and so on. I used to just stay in my little slice of channel cat heaven so to speak and felt just fine in my comfort zone, never steering to far from it. On more then one occasion in the last couple of years, I've just picked a new place, hooked up the boat, and headed for new waters, not knowing what to expect until I got there on any given weekend. The results of that have been cool as chit.

    For what it's worth, thanks to everybody for helping to open up my world of catfishing.

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    I'm not middle class. I have no class. Good post!

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    Yeap that is a good post. Having fun and doing what you love to do,(CATFISHING)