Fishing May 18th, looking for a partner

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    Nashville TN
    I am going out to lock and dam #25 on May 18th. Leaving O Fallon early and fishing until after dusk. Probably will fish for bass/walleye mid day, and cats as it gets later. If the water is high, I may head out for stripers about 2 hours north west of O Fallon, but locj 25 is my first choice for that day.

    I have got a pretty comfortable 20 foot deep v with a draft of less than 1 foot, so I can get into small spots, and fish very heavey water with the same boat.

    If you want to come along, give me a ring at 636.577.0373.


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    Wow, I wish I lived closer to your area -- I'd definitely take you up on that...that's a generous offer that anyone who bank fishes should consider.