Fishing log jams?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by dusty1529, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. dusty1529

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    Winamac, IN.
    I fish a shallow water river with tons of big log jams. I know that there are a lot of big flatheads that hide in them but I cant seem to catch them very often. I have caught a few but would like to know any tips on how to target these fish. Rigs, baits, boat placement, day or nite, anything will help.

  2. lendog

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    berks, PA
    i'd start by locating the deeper water with structure, then i'd carolina rig,using a sliding sinker, along with any live bait(sunny,suckers, anything 5-8 inchs), then i'd place the boat upstream a bit from the deep section above the structure and cast down to it, also around outside bends tend to be deeper channels, if you can find some structure along outside bends of that river i'd say ya got a good chance of finding some flatty's, where i fish around dusk seems to be the prime time, good luck

  3. Flamekeeper

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    You flip a good size 4-6" gill, bullhead or bigger sucker on a 14-18" leader stuck on a#7-9 gamakatsu with enough weight to pin on bottom about a Foot in front of the logs from upstream on the outside:eek:oooh:Hold on because if he's in there.You rods Going down:smile2::smile2:

    Sometimes I think it is better to try the backside of the logs in the lesser current because the bait fish will act more naturally swimming around in the calmer water instead of staying in place with the current on the frontside.:wink:

    PS Give him awhile, patience is the Key to success when fishing for these predators:cool2: GOOD LUCK.
  4. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    you have some really pressured water over your way bro. they arent as numerous as in other places with less population. i know around Monticello really big flats are few far between compared to other places. you can really cut down on your time to fish ratio by fishing after a good rain. i mean a rain that soaks the ground and raises the creeks! when that happens the creeks are were the food is coming from and the fish will be there cashing in on the buffet. i like to toss live baits about 2ft off shore on both sides of a creek mouth and one bait up in the mouth as far as it looks good to you. it shouldnt take too long to get bit in those conditions. in normal conditions spread limb lines around down the river and you will learn a lot from what they tell you!:wink:
  5. JAinSC

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    They will hold in the deeper, thicker cover during the day and come out to feed at night. You can fish near the cover starting around dusk and catch them. Typically, you will get a good hour or two long bite starting right at dusk as they are coming out of the daytime holding areas. Don't be afraid to try fishing out in the open in the middle of the river, or at least some ways off of the cover. Typically I anchor within 20 feet of the bank and have a bait tossed short close to the bank, one straight back not far from good cover, and another tossed out toward the middle of the river. I get a few more fish on the lines closer to the bank, but my biggest fish are almost always on that outside line.

    BTW, I fish almost exclusively with a simple sliding egg sinker rig with about 18 inches of 40 or 50 pound mono leader and 3/0 to 5/0 kahle hooks baited with live sunfish. Standard stuff... The exception is that I generally have one rod with a pyramid sinker - that's the one that I toss out to mid river. The pyramid holds on the sand, even diagonally cross current, and keeps the bait out there where I put it.
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    try fishing the current breaks behide those log jambs, i like to fish them under a float, but try puttin baits at diffrent depths, use dead and lively baits, works for me ....good luck
  7. katfish ken

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    I think you nails it. With a log jam you have a section that always have a swifter current. That's where I like to start, float a bluegill through the current side of the jam and hang on.
  8. poisonpits

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    if i have logs floating in front of the jam ill put out 2 cat bobbers,if currant aint to strong,one bout a foot off bottom and one bout 2 or 3 foot deep.ive caught lots of flats hanging out just under the floating logs.
  9. loop

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    Yep you herd me right during the day light hours get out on the jam and look for holes in it.Yo want to use a short heavey rod (6ft or less) 50lb or better line you want your weight at the end with your hook 1 or 2 inches below I like using live gills 2-4 inchers or a chunk of cut bait(shad)I perferr the head.Hooks to use are 5/0 or larger Kahle or J hooks. Your going to feel your way down thru the jam just off the bottom.Most of the time you will feel a a heaveyness on the line when you do set the hook and get the fish out a fast as you can.I've walked miles an miles of jams during my life it's a rush.Be safe pick your footing an wear a perserver, oh watch out for the snakes.:smile2: