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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by n.o. river rat, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. n.o. river rat

    n.o. river rat New Member

    what is the best line 2 use i have power pro on my reel 50#test
  2. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    David, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web! Be sure to check out the library, a lot of good info in there.

    You'll get a wide range of answers to your question. To me it boils down to where and what type of fishing you do then use a line that you have confidence in to get the size fish you are targeting in and out of structure if any. For me and the type and structure that I fish, I started with 65 lb. power pro and now use 100 lb. I still use 50 or 80 lb. clear premium salt water ande for leaders. The reels I still use mono on I spool them with premium salt water ande in 30 lb. for abu 6000 and 6500's and 40 lb. for abu 7000's or bigger reels.

  3. cumberlandcat

    cumberlandcat Active Member

    That will work. I use 40 pound berkley big game and 50 on some I have switched over to mono because it is cheaper and doesn't knot up all the time.
  4. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    David, Power Pro is great line, and 50 pound line is more than enough to land any catfish in the country.

    My suggestion is that if you are going to use braid you need to go with a 50-65 pound line simple because knot tieing is much easier with the larger diameter. Another thing is that tangles are much easier to deal with on the heavier lines.

    I use Ande 20# mono for all my drift rigs, but I am experimenting with braid on a couple of my anchor rods.
  5. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    Welcome to the best group on the web.I like cajun red line myself.
  6. lendog

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    berks, PA
    welcome to the site david, 50#power pro is just fine, what i would do is insted of tying directly to the hook i would use a length of 40# mono as a leader cause braid doesn't hold up well against rocks, i use 80# power pro with 40# big cat mono for a leader and a 8/0 octopus circle hook, thats what works for me :wink:
  7. RiverratSC

    RiverratSC Active Member

    Gaffney, SC
    Welcome to the site. Glad you made your way here.

    I've used about everything on the market and now I'm using Cajun Red #30. Since I fish more in the daytime than at night I went away from the line that I could see with my black light.
  8. duckbuster

    duckbuster New Member

    Ballard Co., Kentucky
    Welcome to the site David! I also use 50lb Power Pro but only on my baitcasters. I use 40lb Big Game on my spinning reels. The best line is the line that best suits your needs.
  9. centexcop

    centexcop Well-Known Member

    David, welcome to the BOC from Texas. Lots of good advice above... You might want to check out the member library too. Be sure to use the table of contents as it makes it much easier to find what you're looking for.
  10. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I use the #50 power pro but only on my medium sized spinning reels. My reels don't handle #20 or #30 mono line very well. With the Power Pro I fit lots of line , cast smoother/farther , and I never deal with memory issues .

    On bait casters I use #30 mono ( Cajun )and feel it works fine. It may not be as strong but the money difference is a lot.

    Even with the #50 braid I snap my line a lot so I cant afford to keep respooling . If my lines didn't snap so much my P-pro would last forever . Lots of times my line will snap off 20 yards and that adds up on a spinning reel . A few times of that on a trip and your down low on line . For me , line strength decisions are based more on structure conditions rather than if a cat can snap it. With a fish you can use the rod and drag to protect your line. When your snagged the above are meaningless .

    Like mention , there are lots of factors to make the decision so options will vary a lot, mine are based on my conditions.

    But for the record , if I was to pick any line that I wanted.... It would be Power Pro.

  11. rythymroach

    rythymroach New Member

    United States
    Hey I use 30lb berkely power pro myself, i think it will haul in anything I can get in my area. I use it primarily in that size because of it's seemingly better ability to cast off my baitcasters. It also loads on them easier than heavier lines do.
    I dial my baitcasters in with precision, at aPickwick gathering I gave a demonstraion with one of my abu garcias, I casted as hard as I could into the woods without touching the reel during said cast, when the weight hit a tree my reel stopped instantly. i like them reels that have adjusters on both sides, you can really dial them in good.
    Anyway for me the 30lb stuff fit's well enough on my reels and cast my weight and bait pretty smoothly. if I ever loose a big one due to line breakage I'll move up 10lbs, and I really wish I had that problem lol. it would not make me sad lmao.
  12. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    David Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. Power Pro line will do a good job for you.:0a18::0a25::0a25: