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  1. catchaser1

    catchaser1 Active Member

    Anderson S.C.
    25, 30, or 50lb line, which is best? Any suggestions on red, neon green, regular green line, or clear?
  2. Foxhound

    Foxhound New Member

    Ive had very good luck using the new Shakespere Cajun abrasion resistent line. Its red and extremely tough stuff. I spool up with 40 lb test and use a 12 inch leader made from 50 lb test or 80 lb test. (same stuff for leaders). Im pretty rough on my fishing gear and some of the conditions I expect it to perform under would usually keep a lot of people at home and I can honestly say this line is some tough stuff........

  3. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    I would use what your reel is rated for as far as the colors you mentioned they are easier to see at night if you slackline fish but if your tight lining I also use the Cajun Red Advantage line. Just don't leave it in your car all the time Cruisenman stated in a post that he did this for a week are two and the line got brittle.
  4. WylieCat

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    Twenty-five pound is the max I would go, and honestly, I have never used that heavy of a line. I have used 20, but I now use 15 pound test. I use a 30-50 pound leader, with the heavier used for anchoring up and bottom fishing.

    The lighter line is easier to cast, you can spool more line on a reel, and there is less kinky from memory.
  5. field989

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    east central indiana
    i got 50lb power pro, and some 40lb big game... like both but i think i will be going for a bit lighter test...

    i got some cajun red line... i really like that stuff... i will be buying more of that!!!
  6. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    I love Cajun Red line. Just look to see what your rod is rated for. That will help ya in the decision.
  7. ToonCat

    ToonCat New Member

    Tega Cay SC
    I use 20lb Cajun red on all my rods, whether I'm fishing Wylie or Santee. It is some strong line............20l bs was plenty enought to put a very mad 51lb flathead in the boat this Spring.
  8. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    It all depends on where I'm fishing. If in open water without many snags, 20 or 30# will be enough, but where there are lots of snags, I'll go with a minimum 50# leader. On saturday, I lost 2 large fish, one on 30#, and the other on 50#, both frayed the leader on logs, and broke off. I didn't have the drag tightened enough, I think, and they stripped line, wrapped around logs before I could get to the rods. Most of my hits that morning came as I drifted by submerged stumps.
  9. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    If your not dealing with snags 20# cajun line is good stuff. If you're pulling hogs out of jog jams and stuff you want to pull them out fast. If you get a fish wrapped around a log it doesn't matter how strong your line is it will be tough to get him out.