Fishing Line - Transitioning of different lines?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by SmokinBarrel, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. SmokinBarrel

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    I am thinking about utilizing braid on upper half of my spool, and mono on the lower half in order to save money and not having to spool my entire spool with braid. Thus, I have to ask, how do you transition from the mono to the braided line?

    1. Do you have to use the same equivalent diameter line in mono as you do in braided? For example, Power Pro 80lb braided is .0169" dia. And equivalent to 18 lb (mono?) (.43 dia?)?

    Does that mean i have to use 18 lb mono on the lower half of my spool as a filler? I would prefer to use 50 lb Fluorocarbon, but it's .028" dia.
  2. Mi11er

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    I think a blood knot or a nail knot would work. Might have to do some research to find out for sure. I will look and see

  3. brian88b

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    Hey brother. Power Pro suggest using close to the same dia. mono as your braid. Also the knot for connecting mono to braid is called a Uni to Uni and it's actually diagramed on the Power Pro Website :big_smile:
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    I use baitrunner spinning reels exclusively. Spinning reels especially, braid will spin all the way down to base of the spool unless you put mono on first. I generally spool on about 20 - 30 yds of 30lb test mono then blood knot the braid to that. It can get tedious with the braid and will cut the mono if you don't take your time.
  5. plainsman

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    Check out Grogs knots, there is a knot there, or use the uni to uni. Also there is a knot called the double grinner knot I think its pretty similiar to the uni knot.
  6. rush_60

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    I did it with my abu 7000's. I just used cheap #50 test mono and then 150 yards of braid. Tied the uni to uni. took a little while to do it because I spooled all the braid then put the mono on and filled up my reel. Then I unspooled everything back and forth across my yard, tied the mono on and then wound it back up. That way i ended up with the perfect amount of backing without having to guess.