Fishing Large Lakes (temp, season, Patterns)?

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    I just happened to see a thread about fishing small lakes and I was bored so I wrote a section about how I fish large lakes. I was just wondering if these methods work for anyone else or if someone has some insite on something I may be missing. During spring the water temp is beginning to climb back up from the winter season. This is a time when alot of the new born bait fish can become an easy meal for hungry cats. Alot of these baitfish will stay in the shallow water next to the sunlight, warmer water, and higher oxygen levels. A good way to target these cats is to follow or track them in their pursuit for a meal. During early spring these cats will be moving around the lake finding areas for spawning. While traveling back and forth they will be on the search for a quick meal. In early spring you can catch alot of fish throughout the day and well into the night. As summer moves near and the water begins to warm, these fish will begin to seek out a location for them to stay for the summer. As the summer weather begins to heat the water the fish will become more active. Usually setting to the deep water where the sunlight and water temperatures will less likely heat up and bother them. As fall begins to set in, the fish will become more active looking for places with warmer water to stay for the winter. Just like in the spring while traveling these fish will be taking advantage of an easy meal. While fishing an area in winter its best to try to locate an area that will be holding several of these fish. Due to low sunlight and cold water temperatures these fish are less likely to travel far to grab a meal. I like to start off my fishing with a few runs of drift fishing when the water is cold. When the water is going from cold to warm I tend to fish the shallow areas. Spring/Summer I catch them everywhere. For the winter I focus on deep flats and holes while drifting. I will always carry multiple riggs so if somethings not working I'll change it up. I have learned over the last 3 years that cats can be caught year round with the right amount of trial/error, and good bait. Hope that helps someone. If you have any insite I would appreciate it.
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    Thanks for your information on fishing large lakes. I live in central fl. and we have a lot of large lakes in my area. I want to try drift fishing for channel catfish. I don't know if it will work down here or not. our lakes are not real deep.