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    The catfishing person needs to quit thinking like a catfishing person and start thinking like a bass fishing person when it comes to catfishing in a lake or reservoirs. The bass fishing person thinks about structure, docks, piers, brush,etc. and works those areas mighty hard and those areas produce. Why should a cat person think about docks, piers, brush, etc., because that is where the bream/gills, crappie and other small bait fish hide.

    The only good way we as cat people can work these areas is to slow drift by these structures at a speed of 1/2 MPH using our trolling motors. I prefer to stay at least 50 to 100' away from these structures to avoid hangups with my Carolina rig due to property owners putting out brush, trees, etc. in front of their docks/piers to attract the crappie and bream that our cats enjoy for din-din.

    According to people that have studied catfish, the catfish has a very good sense of smell and can smell dead bait 500 to 800' away with current and a whole lot less with no current. You can drive your boat thru these areas at a no wake speed and not mark a single big fish on your fish finder and leave it because you didn't see anything. But, they were there , hiding in the shade of the dock or pier. When I see someone fishing from a dock or pier I stop and talk to them about how they are doing, fishing wise and before I leave I ask them if they have caught any cats off thier dock/pier while crappie fishing. They will say heck yea and I am tired of them messing up my crappie hole and breaking my line. I then ask them if it is okay for me to work that area, eventho, it is public water and I don't really need their permission. It makes everybody feel better and they are more willing to give you information the next time you see them.

    So, next time you hear that the fishing is slow in your favorite lake or reservoir, think about structures (docks/piers) and go do a slow drift by them and see how you fair. I bet you will be surprised!

    Don't forget to wear your LIFE JACKET

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    before I got "cat fever" I used to accidentally catch some nice cats while chasing Crappie. Lost a rod n reel to what I know was a bigun once too!


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    My first couple of experiences catching catfish was off of a dock at High Rock Lake. I also caught one of my two cats caught while bass fishing flippin' a dock. Since I've began to become a better catfisherman I often thought about the possibility of fishing those docks and piers for cats especially in lakes where other cover such as log jams and such aren't readily available for catfish to use. Sounds like you've definitely got a pattern to work on. Wish there was such a thing as a dock at the lake I catfish at:sad2:
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    That's some good advice there! I actually have better luck if I thoroughtly fish an area than just swing on through it, the same way a bass guy picks apart a point. Good advice Mac!