Fishing in the Tampa Area

Discussion in 'LOCAL FLORIDA TALK' started by riddleofsteel, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I will be in the Tampa area with my son the week of June 18th thru the 22nd visiting my inlaws. The last time we were there we did a lot of fishing in the bay off of the old Gandy Blvd. bridge that has the walk ways on both sides. We also fished quite a bit on the breakwater of the industrial canal beside Gandy Blvd.

    What I would like to do this year is get together with some local folks or an economical guide to scope out so good places to fish. We are cat fishermen at home in NC so finding some good cat fish spots would be really great.

    So if anyone might want a couple of NC cat fishermen tagging along that week let me know.

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    Little Rock, AR
    David, I can't help you on the catfish spots down there, although there are four(?) small rivers (creeks) flowing into Tampa Bay that are nice to float & fish. Personally, what I'd like to do is get out on the old Sunshine Skyway bridge that was partially knocked down over 20 years ago. They've made a fishing bridge out of it! There is even a bait shop or two right on the old bridge, you can drive out on it, park where you're going to fish, and even camp on it. And that's a much better location than Gandy, because that's right over the entrance to Tampa Bay, so every fish moving in or out of the bay has to come right by there.