Fishing in se washinton

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    Well I got all turned on by Believers thread, Finally caught some fish and thought I was feeling lucky...Nope, luck still holden..Although it was a very nice night and fairly warm. The stars were bright bright bright. Even got to see a shooting star. Bet ya can't guess what I wished for either.:lol:

    So my wish came true. I caught 2 yellow cats about 2 inches each. I did catch 2 perch and 4 little sunfish about 2 inches long each to try for cut bait. that didnt work either.

    I met a gent that came in about half hour after I did. He said he was heading up to Oxbow on the snake river. He also informed me that some of his friends were up there doing pretty good. So on my next shooting star bet you can't guess what that wish is going to be either...heheheheh

    I didn't do very good on the fish end of things but I always seem to run into someone that has better stories then I have and that is always the best part of my fishing trips.