Fishing in an east wind.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catfish_clayton, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Catania, Italy,
    What do you guys think about fishing in an east wind. Ive had alot of old timers tell me that fish arent nearly as active at this time as they are at others. Ive found this to be true at times, what are your opinons.
  2. Mr.T

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    I think folks use things like the wind direction, moon phase, river level, etc. as excuses for why they didn't catch any fish on a particular outing.

    It's a convenient way to explain their lack of success, when the truth of the matter is that there are literally thousands of variables that combine to result in success or failure when fishing.

    Wind direction may be one of those variables but it's not the only one, nor is the phase of the moon - just look at the In-Fisherman Master Angler awards where the list the date and moon phase, and you'll see big fish being caught during all lunar periods. Likewise with the wind - folks routinely catch fish during raging gales, dead calm and everything in between, with the wind coming from every direction on the compass.

    Just go fishing when you can and do your best to find the fish. Some days you'll tear 'em up and some days you won't.

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    My grandfather use to say: "Wind in the East fishing is the least, wind in the West fishing is the best". I loved my grandpa but this has never workded for me, some of the slowest fishing for me is when the wind is from the west. I agree with Mr. T, go fishing and find out if they are biting.
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    ive heard that old saying too; wind outta east catch the least, wind outta west fishin is best. might be some truth to that, but the wind hasnt been predominantly outta the west here in a couple seasons. I never pay attention to things like that. Unless the winds blowin a gale or its pourin rain, i go fishin!
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    Some of my best days on the water have been when the wind is out of the east. For 1 example I have one drop that I fish that runs east and west, the south side drops to 30 ft. and the north side is a big 12 ft. flat. We have done the best on this spot when the wind has been constant for several days out of the east, southeast or south. These wind directions will stack the shad up on this drop and the fish will be everywhere. If the wind has been constant out of any other direction for several days then this particular spot will be a waste of time to even stop at.
    Another example is a shallow 2 to 3 ft. deep cove that I will fish when the wind has been constant out of the east. This particular cove has a bank on the north and west sides and partially enclosed on the east side it opens up to the lake on the south and southeast sides. I will shut off the motor and let the wind push me back into this cove to keep from spooking the fish. Once I was there with my brother and before we could even get all of are poles baited we had two 18 lber's and a 12 lber in the bottom of the boat. And the wind was really strong that morning out of the east. I could go on and on with examples.
    So I have seen no truth in the old saying the wind out of the east the fish bite the least, the wind out of the north the fish will come forth, The wind out of the south the fish open there mouth, The wind out of the west the fish bite the best. That being said I firmly beleive in watching what direction the wind has been from the entire week that I know I am planning on fishing. I will always fish close to the bank that the wind has been blowing to all week and if it has been out of the same direction for 2 - 3 or more days it makes it easy to locate feeding fish.
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    north carolina
    i agree with 777 alot on his post. what i have seen is when the wind directions change the fish scatter out because the bait has been scattered by the wind blowing the plankton in a differnet direction and its been scattered too. i have found that sometimes if the wind changes the day im fishing but it has been blowing the same way for severals days prior, i can still catch fish because the fish seem to be lazy from the heavy feeding from the prior days. the bite is not as good but i still can catch fish. the thing with the east wind is we dont get that many days with a east wind so when it does go east well things change alot but dont last long enough to get fish stacked up in other areas of the lake. a constant wind in one direction helps alot with fish locations to me. thats my thinking anyways. some folks say the wind is not that important but you can bet the tournament fisherman are watching it for the days leading up to the tournamnet. if your fishing bait it is.
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    normally when the wind is out of the east its early in the year.the old timers tried to get out of the wind.they did this by placing their backs to the wind.this ment fish on the wrong side of the lake,we have learnd that the wind moves the plankton to the windy side of the we tough it out and fish where the fish only feed when they are hungry.if you fish every day you will be there when they bite.i know this cause im an oldtimer.
  8. WylieCat

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    Those old sayings are based on the weather systems that typically give you those winds. I use the wind as one of my three five excuses for not catching fish. The others are barometer, bait, water temperature, and moon phase. LOL!!! :big_smile:

    Like I have said before, fish when you can, not when everything is right.
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    Marlette Michigan
    Lets see, if remember this correctly, and Old fisherman once told me, The wind from the west, the fish bite the best. The wind from the east the fish bite the least. The wind from the South, the hooks in thier mouth. I asked him what happens when the wind is from the North. He said " Any damn fool who would go out fishing when the winds out of the North, doesn't deserve to catch any fish." I guess I believe him! I'm from Michigan, believe me when that winds out of the North, I always wished I'd stayed in bed.
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    Don't know about any peticular direction but after the wind has been blowing pretty strong in the same direction for a few days I will the bankfish from the banks with the wind blowing right in my face. Thats when I love to fish! Especially if there is some heavy cloud cover also. Done some of my best fishing then. I don't think the direction makes any difference at all you just want to fish the windblown points.