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    I am planning a trip to the lower colorado and have never been there before and thought the imperial dam would be a good place to start, ive always have done good under dams but by looking at this one on google earth there is lots of canels and stuff, i really dont no where to start and any advice would be helpful.
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    Fishing below Imperial leaves something to be desired, mainly water.
    Most of the out flow is spread over a wide area so it's pretty shallow.
    downstream it chokes up a bit and runs a couple feet deep until it's backed up by Laguna Dam.
    There is a fair tail race out of Laguna that from time to time produces decent cats. Further down the river there are a few good holes but it takes time to find them and you need a boat with a shallow draft (flatbottom).
    Best fishing along the lower river is from Imperial to Blythe with some of the best in the area of Picacho park up river from Martinez Lake.
    A good place to launch is at Squaw Lake on the Ca. side just above Imperial Dam or Fishers landing south of Martinez lake.
    Watch for sand bars in the river!
    Picacho is accessible by road but not recommended for boat trailering even though there is a launch ramp there. 18 miles of dirt/gravel road will shake loose the bolts on anything you tow, not to mention the dust kicked up by your tow vehicle.
    On the east side of the River at Imperial Dam there is the large Gila Main Canal that is good fishing particularly down by the tunnels at Mittry lake, also good fishing.
    On the west side you have the All American Canal that runs to the Imperial Valley. Good fishing esppecially close to the settling ponds but you need a Ca. license.