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  1. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Hey I just got back from fishing Henderson all afternoon with my dad. I caught two small sacalait and missed a small bass. We fished the barrow pits just north of I-10 and some of a the canal separating the plumb bob oil field and the philips canal. Anyone know of any good areas for catching whatever? Any help is appreciated, thanks.:big_smile:
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    US Louisiana
    Fished henderson most of my life dont anymore toooooooooo many boaters .You can try by th pontoon bridge for catfish or farhter down the levee at the locks ,Lake mari would be a better choice for Bream and sacalait as would be the Delcambre canal or the Boston canal for catfish and redfish .Brackish water about a 30 minute drive from Lafayette down 339 to you get to Erath then about another 3 miles to the canals leading into the marsh and the bay

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    I talked with a fellow from Lafayette while we were in Grand Isle. He told me Lake Henderson has gone down hill. I fished it back when I was a kid and my oldest sister lived in Lafayette. Don't think Dad and I ever left without a good mess of crappie. I went out on a tour of the basin a few years ago, and the water hysens had pretty much taken over. Seems I recall the tour guide saying they imported the hysens years ago. Big mistake!