Fishing Has Become More Difficult

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  1. neocats

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    Or has it?​

    Are we making things harder on ourselves?

    I think back to when a great day fishing just meant having fun with our friends. I didn’t know what a circle hook was and I had never heard of braided line. 20# mono was about the heaviest line my rods and reels could handle. I didn’t have a fish finder on my boat so I had to find fish the old fashioned way. Keep moving until you found a good spot. GPS- what was that? I used the same rod for everything I fished for. My hooks and line were the cheapest I could find. My hands served as rod holders or sometimes my legs.

    Today, we find ourselves needing specialized rods and reel, custom-designed boats, GPS units so we don’t forget where we have been. We have to remember which hook works best under certain circumstances and which line we need for where we are fishing. We have fancy lights on our caps and some kind of bite detectors on our rods. We have to keep track of seasonal patterns and the barometer. Is it pre-spawn or post-spawn? What’s the best bait? Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Wow! Fishing has become a complicated science. Some college somewhere should be offering a Fishing Degree. Then we can brag when we tell our friends “I just finished my Bachelor’s in Fishing. I majored in Catfish and minored in Bass.”

    Do we need all of this to catch more fish. Of course not. Tools are for the professionals. They help you get better results hopefully a bit faster. Tournament anglers need to take advantage of all the tools they have available.

    But for “Joe the Plumber“, fishing looses its appeal when it get too complicated. Take a step back sometimes and just go out to have fun. Grab the kids or a couple of buddies and go have a good time. Go camping and relax. Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything. If you do hook a nice one, let a kid reel it in. Don’t worry if they loose it because they will be having fun.

    If you remember fishing for pleasure then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If the grandkids always want you to take them fishing, then you know what it means not to be too serious all the time.

    If you have never tried just having fun, try playing a game with the kids while you are fishing. Do something fun. Relax and enjoy yourself and your time with family and friends. You will find it very rewarding.

  2. puddle jumper

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    Amen brother,
    Thats one of the reasons I still love to brim fish, go to the river and chunk worms,:smile2: and with great partner:roll_eyes:...

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  3. 223reload

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    I allways fish just for the pure enjoyment of it. no pressure here.
  4. bumper

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    There isn't much you could add to that, great post Jeff!
  5. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    Really nice post..... I feel blessed to have the gear I do have, the little ability I have with it,,, and even catch a flatcat once in awhile....

    I've enjoy this site, and made some good friends.. and I enjoy sitting on the river and watch the water flow by... It's a good feeling to bring other people to it..and share it with them..
  6. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Jeff, I would say that you are right, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to catch fish and I know it is so much more fun once we relax a little. It is hard for me relax until me and my wife catch that first fish
  7. metalman

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    Great post.
    Would love to write more but have to download new software for my GPS/sonar unit and do a deflection test on my rods to see if the modulus has degraded:wink:
  8. littleman

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    The best fishing I have ever done has never been the times I got a monster. It has always been the times I take my kids with me. I strongly believe fishing has made me a better parent. When the kids are with me, besides fishing the only thing we do is talk. I love to sit back and listen to them tell me their views of the world around them, and how they truly feel. They seem to open up more. Not only do I get to know them, but they get to know me as well.
  9. catman4926

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    Great post reps to u. Cat fishermen are becoming like bass fishermen ,every time something new comes out some have to run out and buy it so they tell there buddies what they have. It just a round robin, it's become a rich mans game and just think a few years back most people called them trash fish and now that money has got involved in it , it will get just like bass and then they will target gil fish next, Then it all becomes pressure on all the fishing and then there will be no fun in it.
  10. Dano

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    I keep my Hunting and fishing simple and always had more secuss than not. Y'all would laugh at my fishing equipment. I'm cheap, had the same ol stuff for years , nothing fancy.
    My favorite is, ( next to a cane pole,) a rod, reel, J, hook and a couple big juicy worms on my hook. Lawn chair, cold drink and see what happens.
    Catfish and Bream is the easiest fish to catch. I love to bream fish. I mostly catch and release them just for fun. I have never been a competition or trophy Hunter or fisherman.
    Course, if I got one, I would use my bragging rights

    Fishing, camping, trail walking, hunting the common Joe way IMO is some of the best family and friend activities in the book.
  11. vfourmax

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    I totally agree and I am just as guilty if not more so than most. Seems that I am always buying something new and do not have the time to utilize what I already have.

    Made the decision this past year that enough is enough and not going to buy any new "equipment" until what I already have is past its useful life. I am one that takes pretty good care of their equipment and have rods and reels that I have had for 25 years that still work great!

    Just need to use the 25+ rods and reels and the 3 stuffed tackle boxes I already have a little more often. I do need to go and restock up on swivels though!
  12. fr8dog

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    I think one of the best times I had was earlier this year when my son called and said we had to try a pond he found. Two bizillion $ worth of stuff in the boat, garage, etc, and there we were with bamboo poles, hooks, and worms, catching hand size bluegills while wading. Put things into perspective. I'm not going to trade in the graphite for twigs anytime soon, but it sure was fun!!
  13. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    <But for “Joe the Plumber“, fishing looses its appeal when it get too complicated.>

    Quite to the contrary, education leads to LESS difficulty. Better tackle and navigational tools, and the knowhow to use them makes fishin' less complicated. As for the relaxation part, I thrive on pressure to catch fish. I just like to find them, outwit them, and catch them. If I am relaxing, I'll walk on the beach, camp out on the river, lie by a pool, or go bream fishin'. I can see where it might be difficult if you had never fished before. I guess "Joe the Plumber" wasn't much of a fisherman to begin with. :wink:
    Just my two cents worth.
    Bill in SC
  14. Boomer

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    Myself I have not changed over the years, I have no pressure to catch fish, and even if I do, I release most of them, sure it is fun to catch them, but 90% of the time I go out to enjoy mother nature, get out of the house and out of the rat race. Catfishing to me is my form of relaxation, I have just as much fun not catching any as I do catching 15 an hour. Most of the time I fish alone, so I can have complete peace and quite.