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    Catfishing Guides

    If your a fishing Guide on a river or lake or any where in the U.S. or Over seas, I would like for you to E-Mail me at .

    We are looking for Catfish guides in your area, please send me your information on what lake you guide or river system and location. I will get back to you around Sept 3rd , 2007 when I get off the road if you are a guide and you are a sponsor of the BOC you will not have to send in any information due to us having it already.

    In your E-Mail please add any information that might be helpful to us. rates and hours of fishing that you take people out on the water. Please send all information to and I will get back to you around Sept 3rd, 2007 with some good information for you.

    While I have been on the road for the last two months, I have met many fishing guides and many have joined the BOC since then, if you are one of them that I met please send in your information also.

    BOC Staff