Fishing guides on the james river

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  1. eric2006

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    West Virginia
    I seen that there are several fishing guides on the james river and i've heard that the james river holds some very good catfishing. So I have been wanting to plan a trip with one of them.
    Anybody went on one of these guides and if so was it well worth it??
  2. mhedrick82

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    If you want to go after big fish then I suggest Capt. Hugh Self. I have fished with Capt. Self several times and i'll say that he knows catfishing. You can learn alot from going with him so if you want a good trip then give him a call.

    Here's his website:

  3. mikeozo

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    I have been with Chris Eberwein 2 times, days total this year and going back the 2 days after thanks giving and then again 2 days after Christmas. Awesome trip everytime. In 4 days of fishing we have caught a bunch of 20's and 30's..several 40+ pounders and a 55 and a 57 pounder.

    If you want to PM me I can give you all the details including where to stay and where not to stay, things to do, etc.

    I am hooked on that place and I will guarantee you nobody fishes that river better than Chris Eberwein. I think he also offers you half your money back if you don't catch a citation (30 pound +) Blue cat so that tells you he is serious bout catchin the big ones.
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    Fairdale, KY have not went myself yet but know several that have and nothing but great stories from all.