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    A few years ago I took my wife out in the boat fishing..I rigged her up a big ole Rapala with 3 hooks on it and showed her how to work it.. on the first cast she somehow snagged her hind end..well there she was walking around the back of the boat with the rod in one hand and trying to look behind her to see where the plug make matters worse at the same time she hung herself and big evening cruise barge came by with probably 100 people on it..once they saw her they all came running to one side to laugh and poke fun.. I thought their boat was going to flip over from all the people being on the one side..all I could do was laugh too.. :big_smile:
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    That is hilarious!:haha: I bet she didn't think it was near as funny as you, though.

    One of my father-in-law's friends was fishing out of his little 8' bass boat. They were in about 15' of water, throwing plastic worms up at the bank. A fish picked up the bait and he reeled in the slack and really set the hook hard. But.....he missed....and did a back summersault right out of the boat!

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    :smile2:I hope that wasn't her 15 mins. of fame that we all are supposed to get! :eek:oooh::smile2: