Fishing From a Dock for Catfish

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    Original post made by Justin Cantrell(Justin) on February 6, 2003
    Dock Fishing Advice

    I would recommend using small perch, maybe 4" or so! You will need to use a bigger hook than you do with the channel cats though! I would say maybe a 5/0 Khale or Circle hook, maybe a 5/0 Gamakatsu Octupus hook would work well to! The 5/0 are a good size for all around fishing....their small enough for small cats to fit in their mouths & strong enough to handle the bigger ones. I like to cut the fan off of the perch's tail & hook him right through the meat on his tail (this cause's him to wiggle alot more) & scrape off a few scales to release some scent into the water (more important in muddier waters)! I use a basic slip-sinker rig with a 1 1/2 oz weight & a 12" leader. Just lower the bait down till it's just off the bottom & set the rod in a holder (make sure the rod is not sticking up in the air to much or when it gets pulled straight down you could have a broken rod on your hands)! An easy way to secure a rod holder on a pier is to take a piece of spare wood & mount the rod holder on one end, then you can duct tape the wood to a pole or something on the dock like in the picture below!