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  1. Fishing Fred

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    Lillington, N.C
    Finally got back out on the water Thursday morning . First time in quite a while after all these operations. Didn't pull anything loose (I quess ), but it was sure good to get out of the house. Did get wet several times but I was surprised to not get into a real down-pour all day. Shad were all over the place, from the Buckhorne Damn all the way up The Haw and The Deep. Kept 6 eating sise channels but nothing worth bragging about caught. Some day will learn to post pictures of some really interesting places on The Upper Cape Fear.
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    North Carolina
    Glad to see you are back out again. I know the feeling, I had shoulder surgery back in June. I have to fish with a fighting belt now so I don't hurt myself, but I am about ready to get rid of it again.:eek:oooh:

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    Glad everything is ok now becarfol not to over do it good luck and ma God bless you