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  1. rcbbracing

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    I didnt see a thread for suckers yet sooooo.....i prefer them over any other bait for flatheads...what methods to all you guys use to catch them? I catch them in traps and on rod and reel. Mostly nightcrawlers on the rod and reel and on bread in traps...what else is being used guys? Generally white suckers, redhorse, and northern hog suckers are what i catch....
  2. Catfishboy1995

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    When i go to table rock lake in galena missouri i make sur i go and get at least 100 lbs of suckers by sucker giggin!!

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    Me and a bunch of other guys fished a river in southeast Minnesota this spring, during the redhorse spawn. We timed it just right... there were thousands of silver redhorse in the riffles, plenty of golden and shorthead redhorse around, too, and lots of white suckers. A few guys got into the hogsuckers, there were a couple carpsuckers caught, and quite a few trout, too. It was a great weekend... literally hundreds of fish caught. Most on nightcrawlers, but a few guys were flyfishing them, and did pretty well. I absolutely love sucker fishing...