Fishing for Spots, Alternative Baits

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by blackwaterkatz, Nov 12, 2005.

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    The annual spot run is on here is SC, and there are so many people that crowd the waters, it's unreal in some areas. I don't fish for them a lot myself, but they are really fun to catch, especially if you can take some kids along. The action is fast, so they don't get bored easily.
    Anyway, I've been hearing about a new artificial bloodworm on the market. Everyone says it is the best thing going, so I went out by myself last Tuesday for some testing. I took a couple of packs of the artificial, and caught some fresh shrimp. I didn't have any live bloodworms. After I got out to one of my favorite spots and started fishing, the shrimp attracted bites instantly, but much of them were bait-stealers (pinfish, etc). On the artificials, I didn't get nearly as many trash fish, although I did get a few, including juvenile black sea bass at one point when the tide was still, before starting to fall.
    To make a long story short, the test of the artificial bloodworms was amazing. I caught spots, whiting, croaker, weakfish, blackfish, speckled trout, and a few trash fish. They seemed to bite the artificial just as well as the shrimp. I kept about 30 spots and 3 trout and released everything else. Hope to get back out there with the grandkids before the spots stop running.
    Oh, I stopped on the way home and bought several more packs of the artificials, just to keep in the tackle box. These baits are recommended for saltwater 65 deg. and above, but I'm interested to see if they might work for freshwater fish, too.