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    Fairfield Township, Ohio

    Trying to bump this so the Local Ohio guys can get a look. If you know anyone of special needs that likes to fish, send them our way or send them the flyer. If you'd like to volunteer, please e-mail me.


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    West Des Moines, Iowa
    This is an amazing thing you are doing, I really wish I could help you, but I think the best I can offer is my prayers brother

    Best of luck

  3. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    We're making some headway on our first annual SW Ohio Fishing For Friends Outing.

    The Lake Lyndsay Beach House facilities are superb. There's a concrete deck about 120 feet wide x 250 feet of waterfront with an iron railing, handicap-accessible everywhere with adjacent parking, restrooms, shelter with tables and electric, and a small air-conditioned hall. Check it out at

    Received notice just yesterday that a corporate sponsor, GE, signed on for a limited donation, and they will be putting out a volunteer request on their company intranet. We have interest from 1 other potential major sponsor, but nothing in the bank yet. Got turned down by some of the big retail sporting goods retailers, but we'll keep moving on. Local businesses have verbally committed to donations of merchandise, gift cards, or discounts. Several of our largest expenses will be insurance, food, and durable fishing equipment for reuse next year, which we're working on. BigJohn's bringin' the grill. I was out there the other day and 2 big bass jumped about 20 feet out from the deck.

    Participant registrations are starting to come in, and we have some volunteers confirmed. The flyers went out through Toward Independence in Xenia, Butler County MRDD, and local school systems' Special Education departments. If you know of a special needs person, young or not, that would enjoy a day fishing and a nice cookout, please pass on the registation flyer. Cutoff date for registration is 31 August.

    We have commitment for EMS unit on-site, as well as a Registered Nurse.

    Special thanks to the folks who have donated or volunteered time. If you are planning to volunteer in some way but have not confirmed, please PM or e-mail me so I can put you on the list. This is important for planning purposes and for communication in the next few weeks. Driving directions can be found at

    Thanks for your support!

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    GC, OHIO
    Looks like this is on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If I am not working I will do my best to get down there that day. But usually end of month is my busiest times.
  5. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio

    Thanks for offering. September 24th is a Sunday. Hope to see you there.

  6. H2O Mellon

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    I will give 100 gold coins to whomever donates $10 to Dennis.
  7. H2O Mellon

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    How about people donating fishig items? I'll give 100 gold coins to anyone that donates $20 worth of fishing supplies (& again to whoever donates $10 cash)
  8. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Things are starting to come together. Finished painting some signs for the outing. Middle sign will be on the road at the driveway to Lake Lyndsay; others are self-explanatory. Could still use a couple more volunteers. PM me if you can make it.


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    DELLIS New Member

    hey dennis signs look great still waiting to hear from my possible sponsors keep your fingers crossed
  10. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Haven’t been on much lately. I’ve been working on the Fishing For Friends outing just about every waking minute outside of the day job. Stream of consciousness follows:

    Got our banner almost finished, photo attached but lighting in garage is crummy. It’s 8-ft wide x 5½-ft high. This will hang between the shelter columns over the check-in table, and should make a good backdrop for a group photo at the end of the day. The blank spot in the upper right corner is going to be sponsor names. It will be full, I’m just waiting for that big corporate sponsor to come along so I can get the order right.

    We have 83 participants registered so far, from 9 years to 79 years old, who will be accompanied by 54+ family, staff and aides. These represent 6 or 7counties, as far away as 130 miles.

    There are 26 volunteers signed up – looking to get about 40 – send me a PM or e-mail if you can join us (thanks catfish1998 (OGF)).

    Will have EMS unit on-site all day, as well as a registered nurse (all volunteers).

    Professional photographer has donated time and printing so the participants can have a nice photo on the spot.

    ODNR Wildlife officer will be there with presentation. Told him I hope he can check in a few new FisOHIO records.

    Face painting by volunteer.

    Had a line on a twisty balloon animal guy, but haven’t solidified yet.

    Insurance came thru at a reasonable rate. That was going to be a huge chunk of $$$.

    Several private individuals and businesses came thru with bucks.

    Mrs. Whiskers has been getting food for dinner for about 20-cents on the dollar at Meijer super double coupons. Have chicken breast and brattwurst, so far, will have hamburgers too. Buns are donated. BigJohn’s got the grill ready.

    Family has donated 24 case of sodas.

    Toolroom at work is donating a small engraved commemorative coin in bright brass, personalized with the participants name.

    BWW committed to donating t-shirts with our logo and theirs, paper goods for meals, and will bring hot wings out to us during the event.

    Merchandise donations from local businesses are starting to trickle in. Spent a lot of time tracking these down, on the phone, in person, by fax, by mail.

    I’ll be placing an order with a wholesaler this week for about 75 12-ft telescopic fiberglass canepoles, and about 20 spincast combos. With the tackle and rod & reel donations we got from several folks we’ll have a pretty good selection of equipment [BIG thanks to Charm & Lori, Hetfiedlinn, Buddy Punk, harle96, and Freyedknot (OGF), and BIG thanks to DELLIS & Jamie, and ripleyhunter (BOC)]. I could start a lending program.

    Mustad sent 1200 snelled hooks and 240 copies of a pocket guide to fishing.

    Got a line on bait, either at cost or donated outright.

    I’m sure there’s more. Maybe we’ll see you there!

    Thanks again,

  11. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Couldn't attach the photo of the banner last night, here it is

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  12. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Thats a wonderful thing your doing there brother! God bless you and your work! I'm sure he has though!
  13. DELLIS

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    hey dennis sounds like it's all coming together can't wait till the 24th if you need jamie or i to do anything just call and let us know we would be glad to do what ever to help make this a great event
  14. maverick43812

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    this sounds like a great thing brother would help if i could get there do you no of any thing like this down around cambridge or zanesville are?
  15. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    Thanks, buddah.

    Dan, I'll be calling in a few days.

    Maverick43812, I don't know of any but that doesn't mean there isn't, if you wanted to start one I can give you the 'recipe'

  16. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    We have 97 registered participants who will be accompanied by 70+ family,
    staff and aides,
    54 registered volunteers
    Made 225 lunches this morning
    and dinner for 110
    Bought 100 12-ft telescopic fiberglass crappie poles
    and 23 spincast combos
    bought or had donated 33 tackle boxes
    bagged up door prizes for participants and volunteers
    van is packed and looks like the Beverly Hillbillies! and that's with no food.
    will be at Lake Lyndsay at 7:AM to start setting up.

    Hope it quits raining!

  17. DELLIS

    DELLIS New Member

    well the outing was this past sunday and let me tell ya Dennis did a wonderful job everybody really enjoyed themselves was proud to be a part of it if anybody ever has a chance to do something like this jump all over it i was helping a lady who thought it was the greatest thing catching her first fish ever just seeing everybody having a great time was well worth it made me realize that fishing can be fun but anyways dennis did a wonderful job thanks again Dennis
  18. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    24 September 2006


    At the risk of sounding too proud, the event at Lake Lyndsay was a success. The weather cleared and held for us all day, after 3 days of heavy rain. As late as 5:30AM there was a huge rainstorm, but a drier day prevailed and we were left with scattered clouds, 68 degrees, and a breezy 12-knot WSW wind.

    The Grand Caravan looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when I stopped at Kroger to get donuts and OJ for the volunteers. I arrived at the Lake Lyndsay Beach House at 7:00AM to the sounds of fish jumping in the fog – music to my ears. Set up the registration table, hung the banner between the stone columns of the shelter, and started setting out the day’s prizes. Kevin came by to get the van to pick up the bait from Mary & Clyde’s (1000 nitecrawlers, 30-dozen redworms, 1000 waxworms, and 5 lbs large bass minnows, along with some nice chubs and shiners). Dan, Blake, Scott, Ronnie, Levi, Steve, and Tim arrived to help set up, to rig the 100 telescopic 12-ft fiberglass poles, and the donated equipment from OGF and BOC, for action.

    I left to meet my wife Debbie at her school kitchen (she took on the menu planning and preparation for this event), where on Saturday we had prepared 225 sandwiches (thanks to Debbie Christophel as well), baked 330 cookies, set up 3 pots of beans, marinated a ton of chicken, and had everything ready on racks and carts in the freezer or refrigerator for Sunday morning. She and I loaded all the food and equipment and made it back to Lake Lyndsay at exactly 11:00AM, where things were getting into full swing. All the volunteers had arrived around 10 to finalize the setup, and Bev Stacy was already busy registering early participants. Each participant and volunteer who registered with us, as late as Friday, the 22nd of September, received a personalized brass coin commemorating the 1st SW Ohio FISHING FOR FRIENDS OUTING (Special thanks to Unison Dayton toolroom). Participants and Family/Staff were given a custom made wooden keytag, laser engraved with the Fishing For Friends logo (donated by Engler Art & Engraving). Some were fishing, and volunteers and participants helped us unload the food. A whole wave of volunteers made an assembly line for the box lunch, which was a turkey or ham sandwich (someone remarked they had a “lot of meat,”) chips, cookies, apple slices, and a drink. All told, Debbie served 210 handmade sandwiches, 200 bags of chips, 200 bags of cookies, and 200 bags of apple slices. Lunch was informal, and generally eaten while fishing. Great job, Deb and volunteers.

    ODNR Wildlife Officer Aaron Ireland arrived at the same time, and set up a table with lots of information, brochures, Wild Ohio Magazine, and answered a million questions. St. Clair Township EMS was on site to handle any medical emergencies that might have come up, but we’re happy to report there were none, except I was the one who ran a fishhook under a fingernail! Sandy Baldwin from Toward Independence was our volunteer Registered Nurse for the day. Thanks a lot!

    Thomas Richardson caught the first fish (boy lives to fish!). Right off the mark, folks were catching big fat bluegills as long as 10 inches, with a few LM bass mixed in, as well as some nice chunky channel cats. All of a sudden you heard most of the crowd scream, and then sigh, as someone on the south point hooked a LM that would go 7-lbs, on a canepole, and then had it flip off during some wild acrobatics. Very exciting, and gave the volunteer bass fisherpeople a mild case of arrhythmia. Thought we were going to have the have the defibrillator out of the EMS truck! Volunteer Ronnie Pierson later spotted what looked like the same bass chasing a hooked bluegill.

    The weather stayed steady, along with the winds, which signaled the overtaking cold front. Fishing got spotty for a while, but every now and then someone would start yelling about another big one. Nicole Washmuth took a huge bluegill, Gabe Morris and Jeremy Perry got some really nice channel cats, and Robert Flick caught 8 or more mixed ‘gills and bass.

    Along about 2:15, Barry Frank hooked a 23-inch LM bass that went just shy of 5-lbs on his canepole and a redworm, which set some jaws dropping on the ever-present bass fisherpeople volunteers. At this point, Ronnie went into a conniption and started pulling folding money out, offering the Lake Lyndsay staff $50 a day to be allowed to launch his bass boat for the remainder of his natural life. Barry was all smiles as the cameras clicked, and the fish was returned to the lake.
    Fishing continued, and catching was on-and-off as the front approached. Kathy McPherson finally helped Judy Allen to get her fish, and with that dinner was ready.

    BigJohn Lester, John Krotchen, and Chrissee, Polly and Ron were chillin’ and grillin’ out back. They cooked 70 marinated chicken breasts, 96 cheddarwurst, and 70 hamburgers. Sides served were 10-lb homemade pasta salad, 10-lb homemade fruit salad, 30-lb potato salad, 10-lb coleslaw, 24-lbs baked beans, Bob Evans brownie pies, 1000 (that’s right, 3 zeros) homemade cookies, additional assorted treats folks brought out, and 560 drinks. Thanks to everyone that helped, brought food to share, and cooked.

    As dinner was drawing to a close, we started to pull registered participants’ names for the prizes. We distributed 23 spincast combos, 2 spinning combos, 41 tackle boxes (each with 4 packs of Mustad hooks, a bag of splitshot, 2 bobbers, and a K&E Bass Stopper worm rig), about 40 (I got carried away and gave out more than the 25 planned) of the 12-ft poles, hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, 2 no-spill thermal mugs, and dozens of packs of art supplies and other assorted goodies. For those that left early to attend other functions, we kept all prizes for registered participants and left them with your point-of-contact for delivery. If your POC was already gone, I have the prizes and will deliver or ship within the next few weeks.

    Lyndsay Rapier arrived during the participant drawing, and we took a short break to introduce her and thank Lake Lyndsay for being such gracious hosts. We gave her our commemorative coin for being the first volunteer, and presented a beautiful wood plaque with our thanks (thanks, Greg Engler). Lyndsay announced later that Lake Lyndsay would like us to make the Fishing For Friends outing an annual event. Sounds good to me! Thanks also to Kathy and Larry Phipps, who made our day easy by taking care of the facilities in every detail. If you ever need a banquet hall, wedding reception, or corporate picnic, these folks will take care of you. Very nice.

    Finished up drawing all the registered participant names, and started on the volunteer names. It was nice to be able to recognize each volunteer, and give a small token of appreciation. If you were registered but not there for the drawing, I should have your “stuff” and will deliver or ship as above.

    Folks began to disperse, we backed in the vehicles, and everyone helped load up – Jed Clampett would have been proud. Back to school with the racks and equipment. Leftover and unprepared food was donated to Haven House shelter in Hamilton for distribution in their kitchen, along with the kiddie grab bags that were left. Back home at 9:15, and got the van unloaded about 9:45.

    Beautiful day, nice people, no tears, nobody got hurt or fell in the lake except Mike Lockhart intentionally got wet retrieving an errant fishing pole, and we caught some fish and made some friends.

    Steve Weigold had committed to be our on-site photographer and print participant photos. We found out late Friday night that Steve was in the hospital unexpectedly, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Also Captain of the St. Clair Township Life Squad, Steve was instrumental in getting us off the ground by arranging to lend an EMS unit for the day. Get well soon, Steve.

    I’ll have pictures as soon as I get a few CD-ROMs from Dave, Cathy, Chrissee, and anyone else that got some shots.

    This event did not exist before July 10th, when Lake Lyndsay committed to donate their facilities. We had at least 75 registered participants from 9 to 79 years old, coming from the 97 that signed up, 46 volunteers, and over 70 family and staff , all from 7 Ohio counties with 26 different zipcodes. I’m surprised at the light turnout from our younger participants, because I reached out to the local schools’ Special Education departments back in July – maybe next year. Our longest-traveling volunteer was Bernie Moning, from Kansas City, Missouri. Over 48 private citizens, small businesses and corporations donated funds, food, and merchandise to help us make this a free event for all participants, their families and staff, and our volunteers. Great turnout for a first event!

    Special Thanks to:
    Lyndsay Rapier and Lake Lyndsay - 4845 Augspurger Rd. Hamilton, OH 45011
    Kathy McPherson of Toward Independence, Cathy Howell of Butler County MRDD, and Sandy Stropes of Therapeutic Recreation for the Disabled Newsletter for getting our flyer out with very little notice;
    Debbie Malone for perfect nutrition planning and putting up with a crazy old guy;
    Charm Slider, Lori, Hetfieldinn, harle96, Freyedknot, BuddyPunk, Bobinstow90 for all the “stuff” (;
    Steve Hatton for the combos and boxes (ripleyhunter -;
    Jill Morris for running down donations on the west edge of southern Ohio;
    Jim Klingensmith & Gary May - Unison Dayton for the great coins;
    Amy Kumer & Dennis Rogers at GE Volunteers;
    Greg at Engler Art & Engraving for the neat keytags;
    Rob McFarland/Buffalo Wild Wings for the volunteer T-shirts, paper & plastic, BBQ sauce & condiments;
    Bob Funk at O. Mustad & Sons USA for the hooks and pocket angling guidebooks;
    Aaron Ireland – ODNR Wildlife Officer District 5;
    Jamie Ellis for the kiddie grab bags;
    Brian & Lesley at C&J Sports Inc. for the sweet deal on canepoles and boxes.


    Academic Insights Cincinnati, OH
    Arrowood’s Upholstery Dayton, OH
    Buffalo Wild Wings Hamilton, OH
    Don Burgess Xenia, OH
    Agnes Bussing Cincinnati, OH
    C & J Sports Inc Ridgeway, SC
    Cabela’s Sidney, NE
    Chipotle Forest Park, OH
    Colonial Woods Furniture Oxford, OH
    The Crowell Company Cincinnati, OH
    Dan & Jamie Ellis (DELLIS)
    Engler Art & Engraving Centerville, OH
    Bob Evans Restaurant Hamilton, OH
    Frisch’s Restaurant Hamilton, OH
    GE Volunteers Cincinnati, OH volunteers
    Chili’s Hamilton, OH
    Fairfield Civitan Club Fairfield, OH
    Steve Hatton (ripleyhunter) Dayton, OH
    Peggy & Steve Horgan Cincinnati, OH
    Dave Kindel Springboro, OH
    Klosterman Bakery Cincinnati, OH
    Kroger Hamilton, OH
    Lake Lyndsay Hamilton, OH
    Justin Madden Fairfield, OH
    JT Malone Family Groesbeck, OH
    DJ Malone Family Fairfield Twp, OH
    Mary & Clyde’s Bait Hamilton, OH
    Kathy McPherson Toward Independence
    Mike McFall (tredder) Dayton, OH
    Meijer Fairfield, OH
    Bernie Moning Kansas City, MO
    O. Mustad USA Auburn, NY
    Old Spaghetti Factory Forest Park, OH
    Otis Spunkmeyer Fairfield, OH
    Red Lobster Forest Park, OH
    RIO Association Middletown, OH
    St. Clair Township Lifesquad
    Target Hamilton, OH
    Peter A. Towne Physical Therapy
    Unison Dayton Beavercreek, OH
    US Bank Hamilton, OH
    Wal-Mart Hamilton, OH
    Weigold Photography Overpeck, OH
    Charm Slider

    Brian Baird
    Elizabeth Baird
    Tera Baird,
    Michael Baird
    Sandy Baldwin
    Chris Beatty
    Chelsea Chamberlin
    Debbie Christophel
    Dan Ellis
    Jamie Ellis
    Connie Flick
    Dennis Flick
    Robert Flick
    Eileen Georgopoulos
    Emily Georgopoulos
    Katie Georgopoulos
    Tasos Georgopoulos
    Sara Habedank
    Steve Horgan
    Cathy Howell
    Aaron Ireland
    John Izzo
    John Krotchen
    Dave Kuhn
    Kathleen Kuhn
    Chrissee Lester
    BigJohn Lester
    Mike Lockhart
    Courtney Malone
    Dennis Malone
    Debbie Malone
    Kevin Malone
    Irene Malone
    Kathy McPherson
    Scotty McPherson
    Lindsay Paulenich
    Ronnie Pierson
    Levi Pierson
    Steve Reynolds
    Tim Reynolds
    Blake Rinderle
    Bev Stacy
    Steve Weigold
    Jim West
    Polly Zeller
    Ron Zeller

    If I’ve left anyone out, mis-identified anybody, or butchered someone’s name I apologize, please let me know. Please distribute this newsletter to anyone that might be interested. Be on the lookout for details of the 2nd ANNUAL FISHING FOR FRIENDS SPECIAL NEEDS OUTING at Lake Lyndsay in 2007.

    Thanks for being a FRIEND!

    Dennis Malone – SW Ohio Event Chairman
    3808 Schroeder Dr.
    Hamilton, OH 45011
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    It's a great thing you did man. Congrats on the successful day!
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    Fairfield Township, Ohio