Fishing For Flatheads

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    Original posted by Jackie Johnson(Abilene) on May 4, 2004

    Float fishing and bottom fishing are both good methods for Flatheads and I like to do both. If you fish from the bank and the fish are suspending, float fishing can put you in the "zone". There's a time and place for each and sometimes you can do both at the same time. Most catfishers fish the bottom, no matter what the depth. At any depth cats are probably aware of a bait fish above or below for several feet. Whatever it takes to place your bait where it needs to be. Bottom fishing allows you to put more rods on the water and is almost a must when night fishing,(which is my favorite). I relate easier to river Flatheads because I can see the structure that would attract them. Holes with fallen trees or log jams, under cut banks, etc. Fishing lakes requires you to locate and fish underwater ledges, channels, humps and holes, usually beyond casting distance, limiting you to fishing "ambush" points between shallow feeding areas and deeper water or fishing the feeding area itself. Here you will probably find that the fish will move slowly through your area unless there is something to hold them there for awhile. Many people are surprised that catfish can be caught on anything other than something that stinks real bad or has been dead for a long time. Many people have never caught or even seen a Flathead. I fish for Flatheads and my personal record so far is 18 nights with out a single bite. I'm talking about fishing in a "hot spot" too. So patience is a must for these cats. I catch some Blues and Channels since the Flatheads are few and far between, but they are worth the wait.