Fishing for flathead catfish on main river or creeks?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by allflats, Aug 4, 2007.

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    I'm still fairly new here and hope im not asking to many questions.I fishOhio river from time to time with limited success.Was wondering if you guys fish more on main river or have better success in feeder creeks?thank you guys for your time and great info here!
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    First off, Welcome brother!! So far as the cats go, I know they like to sit in static water and wait for the food to come to them. However, I also know that the bigger ones are hunters and will travel quite a bit to find their food. I have had very little success with them in moderate current but I know there are some there, due to the hits that I get every so often. But as you can tell by my avatar, I catch a lot of Little channel cats, so I could well be wrong:smile2:

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    Ask away Steve, thats a big part of what this board is here for. Info to help the BOC brothers & sisters.:0a23:
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    don't know if your river has rip-rap but here on the mighty mo. it has it on the main channel side, them rocks are full of flathead,blues and channels.
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    hooterville indiana
    i dont fish the ohio sorry, but welcome to the boc man.

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    I know most of the guys down here in NC fish the main river around the deeper holes in the outside bends of the river. That's where the larger fish will be. I'm sure though that the feeder creeks could work as well, I just don't see anyone doing that except for the bush hook guys and they're typically catching smaller blues in the feeder creeks.
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    their is no final 100% answer to that question. just when you think y got them compleatly understood something will happen and the pattern will change. each year can be very different as far as monthly location goes. what i would say is experiment several times each week on very different spots. were im from the flatties will move up into very shallow creeks and gorge themselfs on smaller fish. then suddenly they split and will hold in very deep holes. you will allways get allitle action just about anywere the million dollar question is allways were is the insaine hot bite. general rule its usualy were no one is fishing. also keep in mind that water is a very weird thing. it might all look the same but its not. river fish are very suseptible to changing water conditions and that alone can force them to move.

    eg temp. as strange as it will sound as the outside temps rise, the actual river temp migt not follow. rembering that the river is fed by many creeks that themselfs have unique profiles. some streches might actualy have different temps and conditions.

    eg chemical. localy we will occasionaly see farm run off or storm sewer discharge that can attract or repel fish out of an area. or just slow the bite as the fish are iritated.

    I have occasionaly got realy frustrated with trying to predict were the bite will be. as many factors will never be known.

    finaly follow the food. if their is a good amount of forage in an area something will eventualy come.

    my 2cents
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    Lucasville, Ohio
    welcome everyone! Glad to be here! allflats...I fish the Ohio River throughout the year with pretty good results. Right now we are catching most of our bigger fish in about 30-35 ft of water most of day and at night too, we have also been doing decent fishing the shallow sand bars close to deeper holes in about 2-6ft of water late at night, flatheads though...about the feeder creeks..its all about what it looks like I guess...we been catching quite a few cats (over 15lbs) where this one feeder creek dumps in, but all the others we fish havn't been doing anything...guess it all depends...:)
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    Flathead can be very mysterious fish at times. But from my experience, feeder creeks are best around the spawning season when the fish move up in them, other than that, the larger rivers and reservoirs are a better bet. However, just recently I saw about a 15lber in a small feeder creek that I fish, and I have caught several 8-10lbers out of it. Like previously stated, fish bends in the rivers where the water will get deep close to the bank and there's some sort of driftwood/debry build-up. Also, the area where a feeder creek confluences with a larger river are great places, generally there is a deep hole in such an area and predator fish will attack prey getting washed down the feeder creek.

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    south carolina
    i have caught nice flats from both main river and feeder creeks. it all depends on what the kitties are doing. my personal best, a 31 lbs flathead, came out of a feeder creek on the colorado. it was in a little pool that was about 15 ft deep maybe 25 yds across and had some laydowns in it.