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Fishing for channel cats with crickets and a ultra light!

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This was something I didn't intend to do. I went fishing for panfish,and got a couple of hits,then wham!.My bobber went under and was reeling it in for all it was worth.I thought I had a big bass on the end of my line,but to my surprise,it was a 2 cat! The reason I posted to see how many of you all fish for them that way.I wanting to go to Prarie Grove lake to fish for bluegills,as well as small channel catfish.The rules of the lake is pretty strict,no liver or bloodbait,or dead bait.Must use live bait or artifical baits only.I don't want to take on a monster channel cat,but 2-3 lbs is more to my liking.Is this a good idea? I really like the fight it gave me today.
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Yelp, I was fishing for brim in a small pond using crickets and I caught a 5 lb. channel cat. Also broke my lite rod.
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