Fishing for catfish in the Tailrace canal

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    I grew up fishing for cats in the tailrace up until I was about 13-14 years old. We always fished at night and that was almost 15years ago so I cannot remember much about it. I want to get back into it but I was hoping someone had pionters on what is the best method(drifting or anchoring) upstream or downstream live or cut bait. We always fished up near the R/R tresel and anchored down with live and cut bait. I do know that it is always better when there is current. I am going back there in a couple of weeks to shad fish again and I was going to try the catfish also. Thanks for any info. Oh yeah are there still big flatheads there.
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    many years ago i used to fish on the bank,across from the dock side restaurant. we caught a lot of cannels and a few flat heads, and we caught a lot of eels


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    I haven't caught many flatheads,mostly Blues. When the water is`running it's better to drift with fresh cut herring. When there is no current go down the river and find a deep hole around where the rice fields drain into the river. There is usually alot of boats joy riding in the river during the day light hours. I have had better luck at night.
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    David, welcome to the BOC. Glad to have you here.
    I might add, in warm weather, look out for the idiots running the river at night without lights, at WOT! Scary! :crazy: