fishing for bluegill in spring and summer

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    For the people that fish lake murray here are a few good tips for bluegill fising the lake. the metod i use to catch bluegill is by jigging live red worms off the bottom. first you have to make the rig which is simple to make. You use a small hook and a pice of splitshot. Tie the hook on the line and put the split shot about 1 inch above the hook. You let the bait sink all the wat to the bottom and jig the worm upward about every 5 to 6 sec. the fish will usually grab teh bait when you lift it up off the bottom. when you lift it up and it fills like you got caught in some grass it is really a fish. I have caught catfish, bream, bluegill and shellcracker doing this in the spring and early summer.
    It really works try it!!!!!! ​
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    sounds like fun !!!!!!!!!!