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    I'm new to the BOC and catfishing. I'm a bit confused and need some clarification. When setting a trotline, I understand I need to get the bait down close to the bottom, but I've read several posts that talk about fishing very shallow (2 - 6 ft.) when using jugs. Why do I fish deep with a trotline, but shallow with jugs? Does it make a difference if I'm fishing in a river or lake? Thanks for the help. BTW, I love this website and you all have already taught me a lot.
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    First, welcome to BOC. I live in ark.too. I set trotline 6-10 feet of water.catfish feed in shallow water at night. I have set lines from shallow to deep and cauth fish only on the first 8 to 10 hooks off the bank in about 4 foot of water. the bait would still be on the hooks out in the deeper part of the line. about 10-15 feet. I just started jug fishing and don't know much about that.the line were set in a lake. hope this helps.