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    The 1st time I ever fished Clear lake I was 22 yrs old. I had been on the outs with my dad for about 8 yrs and decided to give him a call finally. I had asked him if I could come see him the next weekend and he told me he had already made plans for a fishin trip. We continued to talk for another few minutes and he invited me to go with him. He said I could ride with him, but given the history of our relationship I chose to drive myself. We went to the small town of Glenhaven on the east side of the lake. It was my dad, his friend, and me. He had a room reserverd in one of the many resorts in the area. It came complete with a kitchen, bedroom with 2 beds, a living area with a sofa/bed and a webber outside. There was a fishing/boat dock there and thats where we fished from. We fished and talked for the next 3 days and 2 nights each of us catching about 2 catfish an hour ranging from 1-5 lbs. But at night it was on. No catfish under 10 lbs would touch the hook. Thats when I caught the cat you see on my avitar 22lb channel baby. Years have come and gone since that time and I am currently not speaking to my father again because he does'nt agree with my choice of employment, but he'll come around some day and I'm sure we will enjoy another trip like the one to Clear lake.
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    Hey Rich,

    I live here in California, but I haven't been up to Clear Lake in years. The last time I was at Clear Lake, It had to be more than 30 years ago.
    :eek:oooh:(Showing my age) :wink:

    "But Man" - That was some good fishing! :smile2:

    That how I got into Catfishing.
    My Grandfather use to take me up there every summer for about 2 weeks (He had a camper on his truck). One day on the water, we were both catching fish, I was catching nice Bluegills & Crappie, but he was catching these big fish that was at lease 5 times as big as the ones that I was getting
    (Channel Catfish).
    I told him that I wanted to catch the kind of fish that he was catching, after the first fish (only about a 5-lb Channel) I was hook. (LoL)
    "I been Catfish ever since."

    Take it easy Rich & Thanks for the "Flash-Back":canny::big_smile_2:
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"