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    Newark, Ohio
    I have a Chart that is use to track all sorts of stuff when I am fishing. I have it in EXCEL format. If anyone would like a blank copy of it and you have EXCEL I will happily email you a copy if you PM me you email address. The heading of the columns are: Date, TOD Out/In (time of day), Out Barometer, In Barometer, (to the right of both of barometer readings is a blank to indicate whether it is rising, steady or falling), Ave. Baro., Fish, (I indicate whether I catch fish to compare with barometer), Air temp, Water temp, Wind (I indicate direction and speed), Clouds (indicate partly, cloudy, scattered, clear or overcast), Tide (don't need this here, but could use for river/lake level), Moon Phase, Bait, Cats (indicate number cats caught) and Comments.

    Anyone wanting a copy give me a shout ... you can always change the columns headings once you get it in EXCEL.

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    Thanks Garry this is a good program. I used a paper format for many years and it was very helpful, when fishing got tuff. This is especially helpful for those that fish tournaments.