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    I made a fishing cart out of a leather golf bag and a folding two wheeled golf cart. I took the cross braces and dividers out of the bag and am able to get three rods inside and my net handle. I put two tupperware containers of bait, my camera and a six pack of pop/soda inside. One pocket holds my tackle box and rod holders, another holds my lipper, jaw spreaders(for muskies), and pliers. Another pocket holds a few spinner baits, Mepps spinners, and a couple leaders. I pushed the cart around downtown for a couple hours doing my chores and one wheel came off in the grocery store and stayed on the rest of the night. It made it down a couple of stairs and through some mud with no problems at all. I spent $29 on the cart(new) and $7 on the bag used at St. Vinnies. This was much better than putting everything in my backpack and hauling it on my back.