Fishing Buddy Wanted

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by cpalombo, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. cpalombo

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    Nashville TN

    I just moved to Missouri about 3 months ago. I am looking for a fishing buddy who can show me the ropes. I have a lot of fishing experience fishing the northern mid-west. Mostly big water fishing (steelhead, salmon, great lakes walleye), fly fishing (brook trout, salmon), and cold water lake fishing (Small mouth and walleye). I would like to learn how to fish for cats, and for stipers and LMbass as well.

    I can fish weekends as I work mid-week. I am looking to stay about a 1 hour drive from O Fallon MO (basically St Charles MO, about 35 miles north west of St Louis).

    I have a 14 foot mirrocraft decked out, and can fit 2 people well. I am certainly willing to split gas costs too, if you would rather use your own boat. If you are interested in going out, PM me.


  2. buzz crackstock

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    Springfield, IL
    send me a private message. I live in Litchfield which is on I-55 not too far from you. I know of a couple great places to catch what you are looking for.