fishing at keystone lake

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    Hi guys,
    I went out last weekend to do some fishing. A day at the lake turned into an adventure. My fiance and I were going for a huge catch. My 2 ounce cat did not make the cut but we had a good laugh. Then to top off our day he caught a 3 ft gar :sad2: that took out poles and lines. He wanted me to touch it but that was his job when I saw what it was. He laughed at me but that is ok. :big_smile: I am wondering if anyone has any advice on fishing keystone? I got caught in a lot of snags while we were there. Any advice would help pls.
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Best advice I can think of would be to fish Kaw Reservoir or tail waters. About the same distance from OKC, but in my opinion, a better fishery.