Fishing Around Florida Gators

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    A friend of mine and two of his buddies went fishing in Florida a while back, He said gators were everywhere, when they were fishing and of course they had a few to many suds,so they thought it was time to go back to the motel for the nite and get some sleep,before heading home. ( and to sleep it off )But all day one of these guys keep saying, I want me a gator.they told him No-Way. So on the way to the motel,in the middle of the road,there lay an 8ft Gator. Guess what ,they decided to catch it. (bad idea) after the fight ,they managed to get it in to the bed of the pick-up truck. It beat all three of them up pretty good. ( Remember they were really Drunk )the next morning they wanted to see their gator,so the went out to the truck,looked over the side of the bed ,and there lay their 8ft long recap off of a semi-truck.....:embarassed: :embarassed: :embarassed: ...I don't know about those guys.
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    ROTFLMAO! :crazy: