fishing - anyone fish clearwater or wappapello lakes?

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  1. catfish jim

    catfish jim New Member

    hi all does anyone fish clearwater or wappapello lakes and if so when do they start bitting thanks all
  2. Cuz

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    DeSoto, MO
    I fish Wappapello fairly often. Its a very nice lake with no houses, hotels etc. Theres plenty of campgrounds, cabins etc, and they are really inexpensive, even during the season. I like to take my family down there, and we try for the crappies and bluegills, which keep my kids occupied. I do know that they really catch some wopper flat heads out of this lake. Its not much for the blues. As well, its a great bass fishery. Wappapello is included in all of the fishing reports published for the state. If you do a google search you can easily find access to the fishing reports, and find out whats biting. Good Luck Fishing.........:cool:

  3. turtle1173

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    Mayfield, KY
    I've fished Wappapello several times but never for catfish. I do know some people who jug fish there from time to time. They do really well. As Jetdriver said, there's also some good flats that have come out of there but I haven't heard of many people that actually target them. Usually it is a crappie or bass fisherman that gets a hold of a good one.

    I'm only 60 minutes from there, so it is reasonably close. However the Mississippi river is only 10 minutes, so you know which one I choose!! LOL