Fishing and Camping on 6-6-06!

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    Well - the odds were against me this time around! My cousin/roomate came home last friday from amerstam with a wonderfully contagious viral bronchitas! By sunday night I was feeling off and by monday I was full on coughing and sneezing.

    The weather report for tuesday(6606) and wensday looked pretty good. I figured - I can sit at home and feel sorry for myself or I can tough it out and get some fresh air.

    So my girlfriend and I set out(she was feeling poopy too). Forded the river to the island and set up camp.

    Before I got out of the water I decided to swim around and poke around the logjams and try to get a feel for the best spots to cast. Spent a good 20 minutes feeling around making note of the logs under the water and the terrain. The bottom was very muddy and I felt a large flat rock in one spot that was out of place. Was to muddy and deep to investigate so I left it be.

    I wanted to pack light so I only brought 1 light-medium pole and some chicken livers. I'm not even sure if they have flathead or blue's on my river but I know it's full of channel cat. I'm not sure what kind of line I was using either. All I know is it is mono and took 14 lbs of pressure to break (used my fish scale) and 8lb test took 4.5 lbs of pressure to break. So i'm guessing its 15-20lb test.

    I didn't fish as much as I would have liked - my cold got the better of me by about 1 am. Got back up at 5 and fished till I was out of bait.

    Pulled in 3 bullheads and about 7 channel cat - most pretty small. I did hook one biggun that was pretty strong - I was trying to keep him out of the log jam and he snapped the line.

    When I was almost done - my last bit of bait. I hooked a snag within seconds of casting. I got up to try to fix my snag and then my snag started swimming away! Turns out I hooked a snapping turtle right on his left leg. I thought back to that oddly placed "rock" I had stepped on the day before out in that same spot... Hmm!

    So, the world didn't end and I feel alot better then I would have sitting around the house. I also finally caught a catfish worthy of my avatar! That's a channel cat by the way.

    Here's the pics ->


    PS: The stick I was poking that snapper with is about 1 1/2 inches thick.

    Not as exciting as alot of the stories I read about - but we had a good time :D

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    at Least You Had A Good Time. Didn't Say Nothing About The Girlfriend.does She Fish Or Was She Just There For Morol Support . Watch Playing With Those Turtles They Get Ahold Of You They Don'tlike To Let Go. Am Old They Won't Release Jaws For 12hrs After Thier Head Is Cut Off. Don't Know If Thats True Or Not And Don't Want To Find Out Either.

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    I love big old snapping turtles, they are cool, prehistoric looking creatures. Some of those things are like 80+ years old.
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    She fished some but was feeling sick too so she slept alot of the time. I think she caught a channel cat and a bullhead before heading to bed.

    I cut the line after taking some pictures of that snapper. He was hooked under one of his front arms and was not too happy about it!

    Been awhile since I had seen on that big out in the wild.